SEFNK - Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky

An Intel ISEF affiliated fair and registered 501(c)3 organization

SEFNK 2016 has been scheduled for February 20, 2016.

The SEFNK project categories have been updated for 2016. Please review the 2016 categories here.

Paper copies of ISEF forms, on-line applications with teacher signatures, verifications of exhibit entries, and entry fees must be turned in by February 8, 2016. We recommend that if you are submitting your applications by USPS that you allow ample time for paperwork to deliver. SEFNK reserves the right to reject any projects that do not adhere to our guidelines, were not submitted on time, or any projects beyond our facility capacity. High School registrations will be given priority. Middle School and Elementary registrations will be handled in order of receipt. All applications must be accompanied by a research plan. An individual exhibitor's fee is $20. For team exhibitors, the fee is $20 for each participant. Make checks payable to SEFNK. Credit card payments can be accepted over the phone. Entry fees are not refundable.

Doing a project for presentation at a science fair has some obvious benefits. Students learn about subjects of special interest. They have the opportunity to be part of an event that puts their work on display and they can meet other students with similar interests. The completion of a successful research project helps students:

  • Communicate information clearly and effectively.
  • See how science plays a part in every aspect of their lives.
  • Use their creativity in answering questions or solving problems.
  • Explore different ways of learning.
  • Gain confidence about their abilities to gather and present information.
  • Become familiar with scientific procedures and terms.

Important Reminders:

Registration Limits:(These limits will remain in place for 2016. We reserve the right to make adjustments as necessary to accommodate the event space.)

Elementary (4th - 5th) - Only the top 2 projects for each grade level from any school or local fair can proceed to SEFNK.
Middle School (6th - 8th) - 17 project limit (no more than 2 projects in a category) from any school or local fair.
Due to space limitations we reserve the right to close registration early. High School registrations will be given priority. Elementary and middle School registrations will be handled in order of receipt.

Project Limits:

Elementary and Middle School level projects will not be accepted in the following areas: Microbiology; Human or Vertebrate projects that contain or make use of tissues, fluids, cells, etc; Projects pertaining to the use of recombinant DNA. Attempts to move such projects from the Microbiology category to another will be disqualified from competition. Please contact us if there are any questions concerning a project's eligibility to register.

IRB and SRC review:

Please also review and pay special attention to the rules regarding use of animal or human subjects, hazardous chemicals and devices. We plan to continue our strict adherence to ISEF paperwork requirements set for high school participants for the elementary and middle school levels as well. The ISEF Rules Wizard is the easiest way to determine what forms are required for a project. IRB and SRC project reviews must be performed prior to project research. Please refer to SEFNK and ISEF rules for more details.

SEFNK 2016

February 20, 2016
8:00am - 4:00pm
Northern Kentucky University